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iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits! iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits!

the fantastic NA blend crew

July 18, 2010

the North America Blend is a group of very cool guys who like to have fun with a kite and a board. eric rienstra, brandon scheid, billy parker, sam medysky and jon van malsen are about to unveil their grand video !song : awol one - rythm .

Guincho Beach Portugal and some surfing, kiting, windsurfing

July 06, 2010

The wind, Kiting, surfing and windsurfing at Guincho Beach. .

This is Kiteboarding

July 04, 2010

An introduction to the phenomenal sport of Kiteboarding.Music: Intro by The .

Crazy Snowkiting June 22, 2010

Crazy Snowkiting

June 22, 2010

Bruno Gagne is a real back country snowkiter, he loves to kite where no one else has gone before and to explore new grounds. See Bruno in action in Les Estables, France. Where he explores the woods, chalets and valleys there with his Flysurfer Speed3. Please respect the skills of Bruno and don't try this at your local snowkitespot! .

Trick of the day - Bas Koole Frontmobe2blind

June 13, 2010
nick jacobsen

Trick of the day - Bas Koole Frontmobe2blind

Youri Zoon "Recorded" eps. 8 June 07, 2010 • karteldev

Youri Zoon "Recorded" eps. 8

June 07, 2010

Youri Zoon "Recorded" eps. 8

Bottle May 30, 2010


May 30, 2010

Animated on location at a beach, in snow, and underwater, this stop-motion short details a transoceanic conversation between two characters via objects in a bottle. Written, directed, animated, edited, and sound by Kirsten Lepore .

Tom Court Kiteboarding - Project DR 2010

May 22, 2010

So this is a cut from riding in the DR at the beginning of 2010. Having built a rail at a local flat water spot, i spent a few weeks just chilling and riding it with Aaron, Dre and Susi. This is some of the footage of me that Susi filmed from the trip. Thanks to Red Bull for making the rail project happen!Shot mostly Using:Canon 7D50mm 1.4 lens10-20 wide lens70-300 lens .

This Addiction - Freestyle Kitelandboarding

May 07, 2010

This is AddictionIt's been a long winter with very little video to show for it.With a trip to Cornwall and a number of sessions up Cleeve it was time to push for another video.Flying mainly on Speed 3 15,12m deluxealso featuring ion4, hifi comp, Blade 5enjoy .

Fone - Manera April 14, 2010

Fone - Manera

April 14, 2010

In february 2010, a massive swell is forecasted in Cabo Verde.The F One team met Mitu, Djo and Matchu in Sal Island.Along the sessions, kiteboarding or surfing, you'll discover the story of Mitu and his close friends.Manera is an immersion in the Cabo Verde's lifestyle.This movie, filmed with the Red One Camera reflect our desire to share experience and passion for the sea. .

Kitelandboarding Training Days

March 17, 2010

Nick de Bruijn and Dutch Flysurfer & MBS teamrider Jelmer v.d Kist went down to the beach of Ijmuiderslag, west of Amsterdam.The condition's were perfect for the Flysurfer Speed3 12m. With wind reaching up to 18-19 knots Jelmer van der Kist is going for some big floaty airs and is training for his new trick, the backward 720 board off.Enjoy! .

Josh Mulcoy Kiteboarding

February 16, 2010

Pro Surfer Josh Mulcoy Kiteboarding on the Central Coast.Video by Peter Trow .


February 05, 2010

A film by killedthewind. A frenzy of the favorite footage that we shot during the recent kite year. Unusual riding, overhead sliders, strapless madness and more. This film was shot on the California Coast in the spring, Sherman Island and the Columbia River Gorge in the summer, Maui in the fall, and La Ventana, Mexico (with night shots from the Burning Bush festival) in the winter. For a complete list of the tricks and riders in the film, see this thread on Kiteforum: info about killedthewind here:Riders-Match interview: page: profile: Magazine interview: Website: www.killedthewind.comMusic - cover of Chemical Bros. Star G ...

2 Elements St Lucia January 27, 2010 • Sam Medysky

2 Elements St Lucia

January 27, 2010
Sam Medysky

2 Elements St Lucia

Ultra Slomo - Kite Land Boarding trip to Raná (Czech Republic)

January 06, 2010 the Flysurfer importer for the Czech Republic, went on a weekend trip to Ran where they shot a Super Slomo video of teamriders: Tahosh, Mascal, Tomex, Kaser & Mara, riding the Flysurfer Speed3. Enjoy the action, all shot in 300fps. .

We Did Nothing December 17, 2009 • Kite Scoop

We Did Nothing

December 17, 2009
Kite Scoop

We Did Nothing

Ruben Lenten The Mega Loop King!

December 04, 2009

Follow Ruben Lenten as he owns the infamous gusty high powered winds of the Columbia Gorge showcasing the SLINGSHOT Fuel alongside his pro model LUNACY and DARKSIDE boards. The LUNACY is made for the aggressive expert freestyle rider and the DARKSIDE is Ruben's weapon of choice when riding boots and riding to the extreme limits of what kiteboarders can do with proper gear.Sit back, relax and enjoy!SLINGSHOT .

Flysurfer Innovation Days '09 - Part I (Designer's notes & 1st Feedback)

September 21, 2009

A video impression of the Flysurfer and Flyboards Innovation Days, which was held @ Lake Como in Italy from 24-28th of August, where all Flysurfer importers, dealers, kiteschools, pro-centers and media from all over the world gathered to test and feel the new Flysurfer Speed3 kite. Including some teamrider action on the Speed3 and feedback plus designer opinions on the Speed3. .