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iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits! iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits!

A "PHOTOSHOOT" Saved by the JUICE!!! - Court In The Act #VLOG 157

March 19, 2021
tom court

Photoshoots are something that I love within kiteboarding, there are so many variables to judge in order to get a good shot that it can be more complex than you might think, weather it is the wind changing strength, direction, the water, waves, light, back drop etc... it is a mastery of all of these elements, from forecasting through to timing, that make a good action sports photographer. Over the years I have had good times with different photographers trying to realise an image or create something cool that we had never seen before and more often that not it was the 15m big light wind kites that get the job done. There is something about it that fuels the motivation for the sport and to work with motivated people is a bonus... despite the wind being terrible, we got some shots!!! Check out Lukas's work: htt ...

FIRST TIME Kitesurfing AFTER INJURY March 19, 2021 • KITESURFING By Ben Beholz


March 19, 2021


Mystic X The Heat March 18, 2021 • Mysticboarding

Mystic X The Heat

March 18, 2021

Have you smelt the roses of the morning dew? Or do you spark a smile when the waves start to show? I'm talking about that fire in your heart, the beat from the start. That pre session amp. The addiction that makes you yearn for more. It's an attraction to the ocean. Unconditional and indescribable, yet understandable by nature. You can't control it. It's always there, involuntarily. It's why we do what we do.Discover our new collection on .

Nick Jacobsen - A video on ICE March 07, 2021 • Nick Jacobsen

Nick Jacobsen - A video on ICE

March 07, 2021
Nick Jacobsen

We had around 10 days this winter in Denmark, where most small lakes where covered in ice.That we had to benefit off of.Enjoy :) .

Land Any Trick : Controlling Your Center Of Gravity

March 07, 2021

This is one of the most important things I could think to make a trick tip on. We all fall and learn trying. Here's a quick tip to help you progress in anything you are working on. Honestly, it's quite simple.It's not about the trick itself, it's about controlling your center of gravity until the last second. The easiest way to do this is to tweak your board by bringing the front knee to your chest and extending the back leg. This creates a low center of gravity around your front shoulder and knee which gives you more control over body movements. Hold it for as long as you can and right as you come down for landing, stomp your front foot down and ride downwind. The distance from your head to your feet is far, the more compact you can be the easier it will be to control and you'll have more time before landing ...

Kiteboarding: Top 3 High Wind Beginner Tricks!

March 07, 2021
Jake Kelsick

Beginner kitesurfing tricks to start thinking about once you have mastered riding upwind! Learn to kitesurf in Antigua with us - GEAR I RIDENorth Kiteboarding - (Kites & Boards) Mystic - (Travel Bags & Kite Harnesses)SunShades - ( Use "SHREDVISION" At Checkout for 15% Off)Camera Gear I Use - More Fun On INSTAGRAM!Jake - - Kiteboarding - - Fados - Songs - https://epidemicsound.comEvery song I have ever used in a video - .

Cloud bar rebuild for longer wear March 07, 2021 •

Cloud bar rebuild for longer wear

March 07, 2021

Using the cloud hardware and rebuild with stronger longer wear spectra line. .

KITEBOARDING A DOOR!!??? Novelty Session - Court In The Act #VLOG 153

March 07, 2021
tom court

What can't you kite!? Thats the question... After kitesurfing the beater a few weeks ago and then kiteboarding the bodyboard a few weeks before that and I asked in the comments of that video for what to shred next... Well, the 'door' was the best suggestion and won the selection process, so we went on a hunt to find one... It's harder to find a door than you might think, most people tend to need their doors. So when we found the garden sale - I got the door, added the Duotone Entity Foot-straps and headed to the lagoon to get my shred on!! One of the best things about kiteboarding is that a kite gives you the power to do almost anything on the water, surf, kite, freestyle, wake tricks... and now, steezing out on your home IKEA kitchen units ;)This is Kiteboarding on a Door!! #courtintheact #kiteboarding #doo ...

Cape town 2021 big air action recap March 07, 2021 • Nicolas Gambier

Cape town 2021 big air action recap

March 07, 2021
Nicolas Gambier

Action from the Cape town 2021 kiteboarding season. I have been kiting since 2005 but still it was my 1st time in Cape town and south africa because I was looking for warmer/flat kite spots with chilly winds. Cape town area is exactly the opposite : strong winds, big waves, cold water, sharks... Ahah its wild! But it defintely is my favourite place on earth for big air. Wind is strong with a high density therefore giving you more lift than anywhere else; waves are big, fast, powerful and with a big period allowing you to boost of kickers with easer and confidence; wind is super steady... The lifestyle is great, its not windy every day giving you just the time you want to rest and go for adventures around (hiking, city tour, wines, surfing, animals sighting and so on). There is just a thousand things to do. It ...

The most epic Kitesurfing Crashes 2021 March 07, 2021 • Kitesurfing Official

The most epic Kitesurfing Crashes 2021

March 07, 2021
Kitesurfing Official

This is a compilation of the "best" Kitesurf crashes and Kiteboarding accidents. Enjoy watching and always take care while Kiting! Which of those Kitesurfingfails is the best? Comment below!Make sure to like the video and subscribe to this channel for pt. 2 and even more great videos.So many people told us: its too late to start with YouTube, don't do it, you not gonna get any views... So we said Challenge accepted!!!Can we hit 1000 Subscribers just with this Video and show those pessimists that its still possible to grow on YouTube ?Huge shoutout to all the Kitesurfers, featured in this video. Thanks for cooperating and sending in your videos. KitesurfingOfficial I Kitesurfing & Fashion is our passion!THE BEST KITESHOP 2021 I 5 RATED I 24K ON INSTAGRAM Follow us on instag ...

Atypical - Kitesurfing Brazil February 28, 2021 • DUOTONE Kiteboarding

Atypical - Kitesurfing Brazil

February 28, 2021
DUOTONE Kiteboarding

It's always that same feeling when that specific forecast for your homespot shows up. For the next week, expectations grow, refreshing the browser, checking 2 or 3 forecast platforms twice a day and hoping it holds true.Thistime was different, it was the first week of February, in the middle of summertime here in Brazil, which makes it hard to believe a swellthis big is really going to popup.During the next couple of days, the forecast just kept getting better, the wind stronger, long wave periods, so I we booked the tickets and didnt waste anytime. Seb was en route from Rio de Janeiro to Floripa with one this one his mind. The Atypical summer swell and what it would produce. Well here it is, enjoy Aytipical!Athlete: Sebastian RibeiroFilmed By: @tiagoazzi & @hugovalenteoficialEdited: @tiagoazzi .

Sardinian Dream February 28, 2021 • Annabel van Westerop

Sardinian Dream

February 28, 2021
Annabel van Westerop

Exploring the best kiting along Sardinia's south coast with the Action Cruise.www.theactioncruise.comEdit by Soleil Blue Productions .

Kitesurfing Key West: Mangrove tunnels, Board Grinding, Choking on a Blake's Bar

February 28, 2021

Key West is a one-by-four-mile island located at the southernmost tip of the continental US. It the closest your car will take you to the Caribbean and one of the most popular tourist getaways in the country. As the country is in a deep freeze this is about the warmest place you can find, so we made the most of this north front and headed out to some of our favorite islands in the Gulf of Mexico. Richard Hatch, the owner of the famous restaurants Blue Heaven, Salute On The Beach, and Andy's Cabana, took us out on his boat to one of our favorite islands in the Gulf of Mexico. @Scott Gerke a local DJ, content creator, and overall good person joined us last minute to make the most of this north wind. Luana Simmons a long-time friend, artist, creator, and employee at Blue Heaven joined in for the fun as well ...

Key West: Pier Jumps, Kite Rescues, Trash Tricks, Kite Loops.

February 28, 2021

Yesterday's session at the White Street Pier, one of my favorite slicks in the world. It's a fishing pier that sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean where locals and tourists enjoy sunrise and sunset celebrations every day of the year. Key West is a subtropical climate and the warmest place in America. I've based out of here for the past seven years and it's where I call home. At the Southernmost tip of America is where you'll find me when not traveling. The White Street Pier is a very special place and also not somewhere for beginners. Up the road is Smather's Beach with a sandy stretch of imported sand from the Bahamas. It's a much easier launch and is nice and shallow for a way out. The intermediate to advanced riders go to both places but there's something special about catching sunset there. Even experience ...

Crazy man launching a kite February 28, 2021 • DIMITRI MARAMENIDES

Crazy man launching a kite

February 28, 2021

The title of this video says it all. Just make sure you are always launching and landing your kite safely.Subscribe here:, sit back, grab a beverage and enjoy Kiteboarding Store: Kites, a family owned company, began with two simple, but extraordinary goals. To create unique, top of the line, high performance kiteboarding products, and back ...

Patri Kitesurfing JAWS!! (Peahi) February 28, 2021 • DUOTONE Kiteboarding

Patri Kitesurfing JAWS!! (Peahi)

February 28, 2021
DUOTONE Kiteboarding

Kitesurfing in big waves is the stuff of dreams and a kite can give you the ultimate control when it comes to accessing these waves, the speed to get into the right spot and the power to escape. However that doesn't mean that this is for the faint hearted and out international team rider Patri McLaughlin takes on the infamous JAWS or Peahi on the Hawaiian island of Maui. This is the ultimate big wave proving ground as he shows us what he can do with the new 2021 Neo SLS in his hands and the WAM under his feet he takes on for 50+ giants at one of the most famous waves on the planet.This is Patri riding giants at JAWS!For more visit our website: #DUOTONEKITEBOARDING #SETTINGTHETONE #DUOTONESPORTS .

Mitu Monteiro & Hendrick Lopes - Cabo Verde

February 28, 2021

Some legendary duos break up, and others get created... #daftpunk VS #mituandhendrick .

I ALMOST DROWNED!!! and WING FOIL airs!! - Court In The Act #VLOG 152

February 28, 2021
tom court

Even a day in paradise can set you back if you start the day with a near downing experience. Its the first time this has ever happened to me, but my feet where pushed into a hole in the reef, causing my leash to get stuck on a rock or sharp bit or reef. Holding me down for two waves and then I had to undo my leg rope. The board still stuck on the reef, I waited for a gap and dived down to undo it from the bottom. Managing to get away clean, with my board was a good thing, but a reminder to always have your wits about you even when you least expect it!!Wound the day down with a sunset shred with Paula Navotna and Clem Roseyro as they winged and I kited!! Feeling blessed by these weeks!!For more information on wingfoiling: my YouTube channel by getting some of my c ...