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iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits! iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits!

X3 Kite Compression Kit, Triple your travel space without a vacuum

October 26, 2011

The X3 Kite Compression kit is designed especially for kite surfing, kite boarding and snow kiting. Using our uniquely designed adaptor with your existing kite pump, you can easily reduce the size of up to three kites to take on your travels without the need of a vacuum. Our extra strong and durable kite compression bags are designed specifically to make kites up to 16m2 fit into travel bags and provide extra protection from damage, dust, dirt and moisture.Kit Includes: 1 x Adapter + 3 x kite compression bags (50cm x 100cm). .

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Antandroy October 26, 2011


October 26, 2011

F.ONE new movie shot on RED in Magadascar last summer.Antandroy is the combination of kitesurfing, surfing, SUP on one of the most remote spot.Also an amazing encounter between two peoples.More info and download FullHD : http://antandroy.f-onekites.com : .

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North Kiteboarding in Maui

October 25, 2011

North Kiteboarding in Maui, with Sky Solbach.Buy the latest North Kiteboarding gear from .

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LTD: Bareback October 24, 2011

LTD: Bareback

October 24, 2011

LTD gets on a plane and explores around Indonesia to find surf, wind, pretty girls, awesome food, and a laid back good time. This is from our first stop in LTD's island hopping exploits. Its pretty sick traveling with surf and kite gear because no matter the conditions you know you are going to have a good time and spend some hours in the water. Good times.Riders: Patrick RebstockMauricio AbreuCamera: James RopnerPatrick RebstockStills:Jason WolcottEdit: LTDRiders Support: Quiksilver, Slingshot, Dakine, Elemental Herbs, Kaenon, Waterfi, HinanoMusic:End of Line, Daft PunkHot like Sauce, Pretty Lights .

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Bunny Bay October 21, 2011

Bunny Bay

October 21, 2011

Heaving West Oz beachbreaks with Antman & Taco. Film/Edit - Rustybitz. Video from .

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Why we Kitesurf - Kirsty Jones

October 19, 2011

This autumn we followed Kirsty Jones to the remote island of Tiree in the Hebrides Islands.Kirsty shows that it's not totally necessary to fly around the world to always score. Some of the best and purest spots can be found on your doorstep.Shot & cut by STEEZ Productions with the support of North Kiteboarding .

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How to replace kitesurf bladder valves

October 18, 2011

A short tutorial on how to easily replace kitesurf kite bladder valves.For more information on kitesurf products visit and check out our facebook page .

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Next level kite boarding - Red Bull Battle of Trafalgar

October 11, 2011

Summer's not over yet in some areas of Spain, like in Caos de Meca. With temperatures up to 30 degrees celsius and winds up to 20 knots, this weekend was the perfect moment to celebrate the first Red Bull Batalla de Trafalgar, a kitesurf event that closed the season. .

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GoPro HD Reo Stevens and Keahi De Aboitiz kitesurf Indo

October 10, 2011

These are pro kite surfers Reo Stevens and Keahi De Aboitiz in Indonesia ripping without straps. To see more great kite surfing check out or For more pro surfers using GoPro cameras please subscribe to my HodgsonHawaii YouTube channel, thanks! .

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Jeremie Tronet - Travel Series season 2 - Puerto Rico

October 09, 2011

www.jeremietronet.comIf you liked it help us share it on twitter facebook and your local website and forums !For the new season of my travel series we bring you to the island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean where we met up with the local Ocean Rodeo crew over there.I was invited to do some demo and judge at the Puerto Rico kite cup earlier this year. After the event Juan Carlos drove the riders around the island for an amazing trip between waves and flat water.Featuring Jeremie Tronet, Linn Svendsen and Shannon best, Kris Kinn, Melissa Gill, Jon Mc Cabe and Juan Carlos Morales and the reef girls !More info about kiteboarding in Puerto Rico: www.15knots.comMusic creditsIntro travel seriesProfessor Kliq - Fliphttp://www.professorkliq.comPart IAnitek - Grand Master ...

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A Different Kind Of Fix

October 05, 2011

A Different Kind Of Fix - new video with Bruna Kajiya shot in Cabarete, Dominican Republic, where she shows that kiting, and life, is about more than performance on the world's highest level - the importance and fun of just being in the .

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Camberstone 2011 September 28, 2011

Camberstone 2011

September 28, 2011

Shot over the weekend, while attending the annual Camberstone meet.For once i flew more then i filmed, but hopefully got enough to show what a great weekend was had...Thanks for watching. .

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TAKOON SESSION BZH September 20, 2011


September 20, 2011


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Make My Day Episode 3 Tahiti-Teahupoo

September 19, 2011

Be careful when you receive an alert on Skype, two days later you can be in Tahiti, ready to ride with Ray, Sharks, Turtle, and to get smashed on Teahupoo, Welcome to Tahiti....CreditsDirected by Jeremie EloyProduced by Jeko Films, North Kiteboarding, Oxbow, Julbo, YourmoodFilmed by Marco o micro Bouvant, Rodriguo, Benjamin Thouard. Edited by Djay`Shot in Tahiti, July 2011LocationsTahiti, Teahupoo, MooreaQuiz contest!Leave a comment on this page , a board North Kiteboarding WAM 5 ' 11, a pair of sunglasses Julbo, a wetsuit 3/2 Oxbow, and a jeremie pro model Yourmood will be awarded by drawing lots on October 20th , 2011. Click here to know all the details of the shooting, with texts and photos, and take advantage of my good plans to go t ...

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Tuva Jansen waveriding September 14, 2011

Tuva Jansen waveriding

September 14, 2011

Tuva Jansen waveriding with the Reflex kite in Indonesia .

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Episode Eighteen : Meet The Boss

September 09, 2011

Naish Kiteboarding TV would not be complete without featuring the one of the pioneers of the sport and the name behind the brand. Robby Naish has lived and breathed every facet of windsurfing, SUP and kitesurfing. In Episode 18, meet The Boss and see the legend "at work"....Special thanks to Andi Jansen and Red Bull for additional footage.Directed By: Olivier SAUTETKite: BoltBoard: Global 5"5Harness: CartelSoundtrack (on iTunes): Body, Mind, Spirit... by Birdy Nam Nam a Drink on Me by AC/DC by Boreta .

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Oman - Masirah Island - Kiteadventure

September 04, 2011

Das Video zu unserem KiteTrip nach Masirah Island im Oman. Mehr Infos ber Kitesurfen im Oman unter www.kiteboarding-oman.comGefilmt mit Lumix Gh1 und GoPro .

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Step Over Pushup September 03, 2011

Step Over Pushup

September 03, 2011

This is a great kiteboarding exercise for upper body explosive power, rotational power and core strength. It's important that you tighten your glutes, abs and pelvic floor in this exercise.Try to make the "push" as explosive as you can. You should be able to get some "air time". .

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