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iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits! iKitesurf presents...the latest greatest edits!

The ROAD TO NAP (life above sealevel)

July 03, 2012

Withness the gathering of the dutch megaloop kings on the Red Bull N.A. P. at Zandvoort the Netherlands june 2012. N.A.P.* is a pure megaloop event organised by LEN10 and Red Bull. Focusing on pushing style, height and extreme performance.For years LEN10 was the supreme emperor of the megaloop and time has come to see how everybody is catching up these days. From all over Holland, kiteboarders entered the arena at Zandvoort.And this became without a doubt to most pushing, extreme and thrilling event we ever witnessed. We truly have some talent in the house. The guys with megatons of stainless steel balls went through to the finals and will fly to the Mystic House in Cape Town as a raward, the guys wit the little shiny marbles were locked away in containers below sealevel for history to forget.Offer your vir ...

On The Loose - Kiteboarding around the Globe - Episode

June 30, 2012

In the first episode of "On the Loose," we're introduced to professional kitesurfers Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten. Ruben shows us his home turf on the coast of Holland, before we head to South Africa to meet up with 5X World Champion, Aaron Hadlow. The two are reunited when they head to North Carolina to ride some new rails and kickers. After three days of intense boarding, the boys waste no time celebrating at some of the local bars in Cape Hatteras.Next Episode: Episodes every Saturday!Follow the boys on Twitter:Ruben -- http://!/rubenlen10Aaron -- http://!/aaronhadlow .

Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E07: TRIPPIN' BACK IN TIME

June 30, 2012

From the bottom of a bottle of booze to paradise, follow Florian Daubos to a very lost place, the San Blas archipelago. Located in the far southwest of the Caribbean sea, it is composed of 360 stunning islands spread along the Panamanian coast with the most incredible people, the Kunas - atypical indians who live far from modernity and our occidental commodities.DIRECTOR: Jonas MarpotRIDER: Florian DaubosKITE: TorchBOARD: Money Shot, SkaterHARNESS: MotoSOUNDTRACK: We Broke Free by Metronomy, This Head I Hold by Electric GuestCheck out the gear at .

PKRA Turkey 2012 Day 1 - Burn Kiteboard World Tour

June 27, 2012

Wrap up video of the first day, PKRA 2012 Turkey in Burc Beach .


June 27, 2012

"this place and its people has been inspiring me"BELIZE KITING COLORSRider : RODOLPHE MACKEENEShoot&Edit by MOUPSProduced by KITEXPLORER - TAKOONMusic By RAINBOW ARABIA "without you" .

Hangtime on the Shore!

June 21, 2012

Flysurfer and SKD team rider "lolo BSD" riding the Speed3 15 & 21m at Weston Shore (UK)."Just back from the BKSA round1 freestyle Pro Kite LandBoarding, where i took the 2nd place, i had a mega Super Kite Day with my friends at the SKD's Home Spot (Weston Shore). Check this out!"Thanks to : .

Hannah Whiteley Lost on an Island

June 19, 2012

Professional kiteboarder Hannah Whiteley riding on Coche Island, VenezuelaHannah is sponsored by Wainman, Chiemsee, Prolimit, Kite-it-right and ExPixSpecial thanks to Hotel Coche Paradise Hannah's Facebook Page here and check her website Lana del Rey - Blue Jeans .


June 18, 2012

Introducing Globe's ELECTRIC BLUE HEAVEN, a short, conceptual film featuring Dion Agius in the WORLD'S BEST WAVE POOL! Read on to know more...A few weeks back, Dion Agius and crew embarked on a journey to an unknown land. A journey for waves. A journey that would bring Dion to unleash on the world's best man made wave. A studio for surfing. Smack in the middle of a desert mountain range in a foreign land.There was a concept. A concept involving 10 Russian models, a Lamborghini, and Dion boosting virtually every air in the book, plus a couple new ones. Electric blue water contrasting against wild mountainous backdrops. A story was captured. Captured through the lenses of Joe G, DJ Struntz, Beren Hall, and Grady Archbold. Motion & Still. Film & HD. The story will be told through the pages of our global media p ...

Ismail Adarzane,kiteboarding wakestyle & strapless

June 18, 2012 .


June 15, 2012

"this place and its people has been inspiring me"BELIZE KITING COLORSRider : RODOLPHE MACKEENEShoot&Edit by MOUPS / contact :mps@moups.comProduced by KITEXPLORER - TAKOONMusic By RAINBOW ARABIA "without you" .

Naish Kiteboarding TV S02E06: THIS IS HAWAII

June 13, 2012

As the only Hawaii-based kite company, Naish has the ultimate proving grounds right in our backyard. Check out the Naish Team's born and bred Maui riders Kai Lenny, Shawn Richman and Jesse Richman killing it in everything from Kite Beach freestyle to macking Jaws.DIRECTOR: Olivier Sautet RIDERS: Jesse Richman, Shawn Richman, Kai LennyBOARDS: Skater, Global, Arcade, Money ShotKITES: Park, TorchHARNESSES: Mission, MotoSOUNDTRACK: Shine On You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd The Road by C2C out the gear on . 2012

June 12, 2012

This is our first video for the launch of our website based in Montreal. Filmed last May in Hatteras.Riders : Benoit Carrier, Felix Gourdeau, Arthur De La Mauvinire and Eric Rienstra.Edit : Benjamin Rochette .

Álvaro Onieva rides Reincarnation 136

June 08, 2012

Álvaro Onieva rides Reincarnation 136

Best of Snowkite 2012

June 05, 2012

Snowkiting vinter 2012 blev historisk. Mkt klass 1 varningar, mkt sn, mkt vind och mkt gldje. Jmtland - Vrldens bsta snowkitespots ! ?Film o edit: Simon Jaktlund .

Tona Pop June 05, 2012

Tona Pop

June 05, 2012

Big thanks to Roland Peelen of Peppr for creating this awesome video for us. We are especially grateful for all his hard work and commitment to helping us succeed. We hope you enjoy this little video he made for us, a detailed 3d rendering of our most exciting product, the Pop :)For the best 3d imaging check out .

Marc Jacobs for Mystic

June 04, 2012

The flying Kiwi Marc Jacobs grew up with salt in his veins and wind in his face in New Zealand, and it was only a matter of time before he hit the water. It took him 3 years of saving up his earnings from his paper run before he could afford a kite and spent a year playing with his kite on the beach and jumping off sand dunes, before he could afford a board to go with it. Once he finally got a board under his feet things took off pretty quickly. At just 22 he has already trail blazed an illustrious career path including 2 New Zealand Junior National titles, 2 New Zealand Open Men's titles and a string of placings on the PKRA world tour.On land he is eccentric and energetic. Caught up in his own world. Crazy is as crazy does. Constantly throwing backflips. But out on the water he is known for his strength, ene ...

Proof of Concept June 02, 2012

Proof of Concept

June 02, 2012

Over the last 18 months or so a friend and I have been developing a snow-kite buggy designed to be steered by weight-shifting rather than the traditional foot steering.In May 2012 we finally had the opportunity to put our hard work and theories to the test. This little film is the result.---------------------------The beautiful music in this film is from the mind of KiloWatts. This track is "The Other Side Of The World" from his latest, and in my humble opinion, very best album, "Acceptitude" $10 gets you an absolute treat of an album, one that encompasses everything from heart-achingly beautiful piano to some of the most accomplished and engaging electronica you'll ever hear. take a look at my latest project on Kickstarter: http ...

Peter Tyushkevich Rides Reincarnation 138

May 30, 2012

Peter Tyushkevich Rides Reincarnation 138