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First session after ACL Blowout – #courtintheact

On April 22, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

Good to see Tom Court back on the water! The best thing...

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News ION Products

ION Muse Series 2017

On April 21, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

It’s time to hide the winter wetsuit, and get ready for warm,...

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2017 ion Muse

2017 Women’s ION Muse series released

On April 21, 2017   |   By kiteworldmag.com

ION have a new women s shorty collection to enter the Summer in...

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News Isa Fabre ION Products

Traveling With Isa – Road Trip in Australia #2

On April 18, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

Travelling North on the Western Australian coast, this aerial footage of both...

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All Posts Instructional Video

5 Tips & Tricks For Riding Unhooked

On April 17, 2017   |   By thekiteboarder.com

Jake Kelsick runs through everything a kiteboarder needs to know if he or...

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News ION Products North Kiteboarding

Zanzibar & Tanzania kite trip and safari (shot on DJI Mavic pro and gopro)

On April 14, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

We love seeing a good kitesurf/safari trip video, what a brilliant way...

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All Posts Instructional Kiteboarding

How to Foil Tack Transition

On April 5, 2017   |   By thekiteboarder.com

Once you nail down the basics of foilboarding you will want to...

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News ION Products Jeremie Tronet

Kitesurfing – My Full 2017 North Kiteboarding Kites Review

On April 4, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

One of the questions Jeremie Tronet gets asked the most is which kite...

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News Airton Cozzolino ION Products

The Evolution of Strapless Kitesurfing

On March 31, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

Yes, that is someone barrelled with a kite! It’s here! North’s brand...

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News Brazil Caution Productions

“Stomped” by Francesca Bagnoli

On March 29, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

Francesca Bagnoli has got some impressive skills! Check out her latest video...

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