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Features Maxi Gomez Wainman Hawaii

Maxi Gomez – Welcome to the Team

On December 1, 2014   |   By

Wainman are excited to officially announce another great talent to the ManiaC...

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News Wainman Hawaii


On September 19, 2014   |   By

Aer means water in Indonesian Bahasa, this is what this video is...

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News Wainman Hawaii


On July 31, 2014   |   By

There aren’t that many true legends left in the sport these days,...

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News Luciano Gonzalez Wainman Hawaii

Cabarete Mania

On March 20, 2014   |   By

Check out the Wainman Hawaii gang in Cabarete making the most of...

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News ION Wainman Hawaii

Strapless Kitesurfing with the Hulucopter

On February 16, 2014   |   By

We’ve been working with some various mounts like this for a while...

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News Wainman Hawaii

The ManiaC: Awakened Again

On January 20, 2014   |   By

Check out the new ManiaC from Wainman Hawaii getting thrown around on...

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News Wainman Hawaii


On November 27, 2013   |   By

Smiles and powered moves from the guys at Wainman Hawaii as they...

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News Niccolo Porcella Wainman Hawaii

Wainman Hawaii Mr Green 7.5 Rabbit Kite by Niccolo Porcella

On November 7, 2013   |   By

How big is that wave at Jaws? Nearly takes out his kite...

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News Hannah Whiteley Wainman Hawaii

Hannah Whiteley ‘Human to Hero’ on CNN International

On September 17, 2013   |   By

Earlier this year in July, Hannah was on ‘Human to Hero’ a...

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