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News Airush Pablo Amores

Vlog Fuerteventura – Pablo Amores ( Airush Kiteboarding, Prolimit, Weridelocal )

On August 7, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

Pablo Amore’s first of many upcoming vlogs! In this vlog, Pablo shares...

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News Airush Alex Pastor

Let The Freestyle Season Begin

On August 4, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

The World Kiteboarding Championships in Aykaya, Turkey Welcome to the home of...

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News Aaron Hadlow Airush

Patagonia Hood Jam – Final Results

On July 30, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

It would be an understatement to say this year’s Hood Jam event...

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News Airush Alex Pastor

Airush Wave V8 – Bridle Swap Tutorial

On July 21, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

Airush team rider, Oswald Smith talks us through the process of changing...

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News Airush Alina Karam

Hood River Junior Jam – Media Day and New Video!

On July 19, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

The Hood River Junior Jam Media Day is complete and the awards...

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Airush 2019 Airush Wave

Airush Launch A New Customisable Wave Kite

On July 18, 2018   |   By kiteworldmag.com

The new Airush Wave kite has just drifted onto the scene boasting...

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News Airush Kyle Cabano

Airush Wave V8 – The New Wave

On July 17, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

THE WAVE V8 IS OUT – Oswald Smith and Reider Decker having...

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News Abe Alzouman Airush

KiteClash 2018

On July 13, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

Held at the world-renowned Squamish Spit, KiteClash is Canada s largest kiteboarding competition....

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News Airush Clinton Filen

Airush Ultra V2 – Behind the Design

On July 6, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

We ve received a number of questions online regarding the new Ultra V2,...

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News Airush Kyle Cabano

Kiting the Cape Winter // Weekend Warrior 1.0

On July 3, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

Some epic freestyle for Kyle Cabano while he is keeping sane while...

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