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iKitesurf News - "Slingshot" Category

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News Andre Phillip Slingshot Kite

Dre Solo Session From Above

On April 3, 2014   |   By

Still the most stylish kitesurfer on the planet in my eyes, check...

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News Mystic Slingshot Kite

Kitesurfing Surrounded By Dolphins In Cape Town!

On March 19, 2014   |   By

How amazing is this? Surely a dream come true for just about...

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News Linus Erdmann Slingshot Kite

Tarifa Again

On March 17, 2014   |   By

Linus Erdmann tries to play it cool, but can’t help but crack...

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News Delphine Macaire Slingshot Kite

Delphine Macaire: Another French Paradise

On February 27, 2014   |   By

The lovely Delphine Macaire riding in the equally magnificent Caribbean island of...

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News Joe Irons Slingshot Kite

open WINDow

On February 25, 2014   |   By

Some things in life are just beautiful, and snow kiting in the...

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News Carlos Mario Slingshot Kite

Carlos Mario + Slingshot – The Story Begins…

On February 17, 2014   |   By

Slingshot have a pretty impressive list of champions to their name, riders...

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News Sam Light Slingshot Kite

Thailand Cable Trip – Sam Light

On January 20, 2014   |   By

No kiting in this edit, but if you enjoy watching kiters on...

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News Filibuster Films Slingshot Kite

A Minute With Travis Propst

On January 16, 2014   |   By

Travis Propst throws down in this wakestyle edit featuring some big moves...

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News Bertrand Beauchet Slingshot Kite

Vision Of T-Rex

On January 16, 2014   |   By

Bertrand Beauchet is a man who knows whats what, he has the...

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