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News Cabrinha KTA

KTA Asian Freestyle Championships and Asia Pacific Hydrofoil Series

On January 7, 2020   |   By

Asia sees a new Asian Freestyle Champions crown as Thailand dominates the...

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News Alby Rondina Cabrinha

CABRINHA SURVEY | Win a 2020 Switchblade

On January 6, 2020   |   By

An exciting year has just begun and Cabrinha is diving straight into...

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News Aaron Hadlow Duotone

Entity Duotone Foot straps 2020 #TEAMTALK

On January 5, 2020   |   By

In the latest Duotone #TeamTalk, Tom Court talks us through the 2020...

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News Duotone ION Products

My 5 favorite tricks in Taiba

On January 4, 2020   |   By

Whether it’s during a competition or just a fun session, Paula Novotna’s...

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News Ben Beholz CORE Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding Is FUN – FREISTIEL SERIES #50

On January 4, 2020   |   By

We love seeing edits like this! Ben Beholz’s just dropped the latest...

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News Airush Alex Pastor

Youri Zoon Tribute

On January 3, 2020   |   By

After 15 years of competing, 2019 marked the year that Youri Zoon...

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News Kevin Langeree Naish Kiteboarding

Wow it’s been windy! KEVVLOG³ #25

On January 3, 2020   |   By

You’re going to want to get this one on the big screen...

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News Colleen Carroll Duotone

6 hours KITEBOARDING RACE in PINK WIGS | 2019 Kiteboarding 4 Cancer

On January 3, 2020   |   By

Colleen Carroll, Sensi Graves, Issy von Zastrow and Karolina Winkowska join the...

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News Pablo Amores Prolimit

My 2019- Pablo Amores (Slingshot Kiteboarding, Prolimit)

On January 2, 2020   |   By

Missions, sessions, travels, new spots, old spots, disasters and wipeouts – Pablo...

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