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Best Video of 2017 Kari Schibevaag Norway

Best Video of 2017 [Nomination] – Kiting Under The Northern Lights In Tromsø, Norway

On January 5, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

Does kiteboarding get any more magical than this? After years of trying...

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News Julien Leleu Kari Schibevaag

RRD Global V8 Control Bar Launch

On October 31, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

Roberto Ricci Designs is proud to launch the Global Bar V8. This...

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News Kari Schibevaag Norway

Kiting under the Northern Lights in Tromsø, Norway

On March 2, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

Stop what you are doing and check this out… After many years...

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News Johann Civel Kari Schibevaag

On The Flat

On November 30, 2014   |   By iksurfmag.com

What to do on the flat?? in Turkey??when snow is melting so...

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