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News F-ONE Kiteboarding Julien Leleu


On November 24, 2020   |   By

Check out Liam Whaley’s Red Bull King of the Air 2021 video...

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All Posts Kiteboarding Julien Leleu

Julien Leleu’s 2018 Tarifa Summer

On September 27, 2018   |   By

What a crazy good summer in Tarifa! Julien Leleu has been living...

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News Julien Leleu Lightbros Streaming

Tarifa Summer 2018 – Julien Leleu

On September 25, 2018   |   By

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a summer in Tarifa and If...

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News Highlight Prod Julien Leleu

RRD Obsession MK11

On September 9, 2018   |   By

RRD’s Obsession MK11 has arrived and Julien Leleu is looking very comfortable...

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News Dakhla Spirit Julien Leleu

The Dakhla Downwind Challenge 2018 is Coming!

On August 1, 2018   |   By

We’re excited! Follow our journey! 30 riders, 400 km, 6 days –...

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News Dakhla - Morocco Julien Leleu

Dakhla Downwind Challenge . – Teaser 2018 –

On July 29, 2018   |   By

Throughout this kite journey, riders will discover and enjoy the scenery, sand...

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News Grenadines Julien Leleu

Kite Paradise Julien Leleu

On June 5, 2018   |   By

A super chilled soundtrack, stunning scenery, awesome drone footage & clever POV...

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News Julien Leleu Kari Schibevaag

RRD Global V8 Control Bar Launch

On October 31, 2017   |   By

Roberto Ricci Designs is proud to launch the Global Bar V8. This...

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News Julien Leleu Roberto Ricci Designs

RRD Emotion MK3

On July 31, 2017   |   By

The one-strut RRD Emotion MK3 has arrived! This beautiful product video demonstrates...

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