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Best Video of 2019 Flysurfer Guillaume Chastagnol

Best Video of 2019 [Nomination] – Snowkiting – ‘What it means’ – The Movie

On January 9, 2020   |   By

The crew live for snowkiting, and every winter, they give us...

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News Flysurfer Ville Pääkkönen

Polar Night Snowkite in Lapland

On December 18, 2019   |   By

We have to admit; we’re a little jealous right now! Ville P kk nen...

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News Flysurfer Magdalena Woyciechowska

Magda Drone FPV Formula Kite

On December 11, 2019   |   By

Currently ranked 6th in the world, 15-year-old Magdalena Woyciechowska takes us for...

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News Flysurfer Jannis Maus

Kiteloop FPV

On December 9, 2019   |   By

FPV drone capture by Ryan Toaspern of FLYSURFER Kiteboarding rider Jannis Maus...

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News Flysurfer

PEAK – Now Available in 13 m2

On December 5, 2019   |   By

The first harbingers of winter have already arrived in the northern hemisphere:...

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News Flysurfer Guillaume Chastagnol

Snowkiting – ‘What it means’ – The Movie

On December 3, 2019   |   By

The crew are back! Chasta, Lolo, Johann, Wareck, Hugues, Felix, Alex,...

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News Flysurfer Lolo BSD


On November 26, 2019   |   By

With the snowkite season kicking off, Lolo BSD is spending as much...

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News Flysurfer Lolo BSD

Morning Routine In Snowember

On November 19, 2019   |   By

Snowkite session has officially begun, and Laurent Guyot is making the most...

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News Flysurfer King of the Air 2020

Olly Bridge King of the Air 2020 entry video KOTA wildcard

On November 19, 2019   |   By

If you’d like to see Olly Bridge at the 2020 Red Bull...

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