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Duotone Pro Centre Learn to foil in Tenerife

Learn to foil in Tenerife

On June 21, 2019   |   By

Score five days of foil coaching at the Duotone Pro Centre in El Medano     The...

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News Airton Cozzolino Duotone

ION – ACTION GLUE feat. Airton Cozzolino

On June 20, 2019   |   By

It’s #throwbackthursday and you better get this one on the big screen!...

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News Aaron Hadlow Duotone

HadLew Experience Tarifa 2019

On June 15, 2019   |   By

Due to Ruben Lenten’s unfortunate injury in Barcelona, Aaron Hadlow and Lewis...

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News Duotone


On June 13, 2019   |   By

‘This would revolutionise the development process and the way we judge kites...

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News Aron Rosslee Duotone

Backmobe 5 OSMOSIS Challenge With Gianmaria Coccoluto – MaxWorld 3

On June 6, 2019   |   By

We all watched Gianmaria Coccoluto Osmosis Backmobe 5 the other day… but...

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News Duotone James Carew

Storm chaser James Carew – Melbourne Strapless Kitesurfing – Duotone

On June 3, 2019   |   By

Winter came early last week with some cold and wild weather, horizontal...

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News Duotone ION Products

Johanna Catharina Edin – TARIFA

On May 6, 2019   |   By

Johanna Catharina, stoked and back in action! “I ve been waiting for this...

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News Duotone Hannah Whiteley

Hannah Whiteley – Gear Setup – Duotone Kiteboarding #TEAMTALK

On May 4, 2019   |   By

In this #TEAMTALK, Hannah Whiteley shares what set-up she uses during her...

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News Adam Snow Duotone

50 year storm with James Storm Carew

On April 27, 2019   |   By

Australia shredder James Carew knows a thing or two when it comes...

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News Duotone Kevin Langeree

Flying Into Trees KEVVLOG³ #8 – Kevin Langeree – Naish Kiteboarding

On April 25, 2019   |   By

Kevin Langeree is back with KEVVLOG #8! Craving a session, Kevin and...

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