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News CrazyFly

CrazyFly Video Contest- Win An Addict Kiteboard

On February 25, 2016   |   By

With accurate counting skills and a bit of luck, you could add...

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News CrazyFly Dakine

World’s Longest Kite Hang Time

On November 24, 2015   |   By

15 minutes and 50 seconds of hang time! What?! Ok so the...

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All Posts Industry News 2016 crazyfly

2016 CrazyFly Sick Bar

On October 28, 2015   |   By

The 2016 CrazyFly Sick Bar is a state of the art control...

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News CrazyFly France


On September 29, 2015   |   By

Check out this high quality edit featuring Kihwan Kwon riding the 2016...

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News CrazyFly

CrazyFly Sculp 2016

On September 26, 2015   |   By

Presenting the 2016 CrazyFly Sculp! It’s a versatile all-around performer, suitable for...

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All Posts Video crazyfly

The Kings are Back

On September 14, 2015   |   By

Join CrazyFly‘s Laci Kobulsky and friends for some freestyle and fun on...

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News CrazyFly

CrazyFly 2016

On September 3, 2015   |   By

This video is worth a watch simply for the incredible drone shots!...

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News CrazyFly Petr Pechacek

Year Of Kiting

On August 27, 2015   |   By

Have you ever wondered just how much stuff you can do with...

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News CrazyFly

CrazyFly Sick Bar 2015

On December 23, 2014   |   By

Could the CrazyFly Sick Bar be your next kite control bar? It...

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