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News Airton Cozzolino Artem Garashchenko

Happy New Year – From the Team!

On January 3, 2019   |   By iksurfmag.com

2018 has been an epic year for Duotone Kiteboarding and their riders!...

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News Artem Garashchenko Christian Labbe

Nobile Snowkite: Dawn with the Gods

On June 14, 2018   |   By iksurfmag.com

This ain t no competition for rookies! Ragnar k in Scandinavian mythology means “Destination...

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News Artem Garashchenko Brandon Scheid

The Spornado Hood Jam Day 5 Update: The Finals

On July 27, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

The 2017 Spornado Hood Jam finals saw riders throwing hammer after hammer....

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News Artem Garashchenko Kamil Śliwka

Snowkite: NHP Overview by Artem Garashchenko

On April 28, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

The NHP Snowkite is a board completely dedicated to be used in...

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News Artem Garashchenko Fly Fisch

Nobile Snowkite: Ragnarok 2017 – Battle to remember!

On April 13, 2017   |   By iksurfmag.com

This is the first proper Ragnarok edit we’ve seen this year and...

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News Artem Garashchenko North Kiteboarding

The King Of Drop – Artem Garashchenko

On November 23, 2015   |   By iksurfmag.com

Spot the kitesurfer! Watch as Artem Garashchenko executes big wakestyle moves and drops...

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All Posts Video Artem Garashchenko

The King of Drop

On November 16, 2015   |   By thekiteboarder.com

This summer in Blaga, Russia, North‘s Artem Garashchenko had the idea to...

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