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News Annabel Van Westerop Best Kiteboarding

KTA Vietnam X-Champs, Freestyle X

On February 29, 2016   |   By

Check out the freestyle action from the Kitesurf Tour Asia in Vietnam....

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News Annabel Van Westerop Cabrinha

Whatever Your Ride…Keep Riding

On January 31, 2016   |   By

Whatever your ride, wherever you’re riding, keep the thirst alive. Check out...

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News Annabel Van Westerop Annelous Lammerts

“DIVA” @ProKite Brasil

On December 20, 2015   |   By

Make sure you watch DIVA! It’s up there with some of the...

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Best Video of 2015 Alby Rondina Annabel Van Westerop

Best Video of 2015 [Nomination] – Disguise The Limit

On November 30, 2015   |   By

Watch as Nick Jacobsen does more crazy stunts in Cabrinha s brand new...

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News Annabel Van Westerop Brazil

Annabel van Westerop – Back In Action

On September 27, 2015   |   By

Annabel van Westerop is back in action in Brazil! Check out this...

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All Posts Video Annabel van Westerop

Whatever Your Ride

On August 17, 2015   |   By

Developed to enhance the performance and appearance of an increasingly thirsty breed...

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News Annabel Van Westerop British Virgin Islands

This Is The Life

On September 18, 2014   |   By

Paradise was never this nice. Shot on location in the British Virgin...

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News Alberto Rondina Annabel Van Westerop

Cabrinha 2015 – Coming Soon

On July 17, 2014   |   By

Time to get excited folks, 2015 is well and truly on its...

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