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Welcome to Duotone, Davi!

On October 11, 2018   |   By

At the age of 3, encouraged by his father Eduardo, Davi Ribeiro kited in Lagoa do Caupe with a 1m trainer kite, no harness and a surfboard.Roberto Veiga from Gokite, was kiting the same spot, saw the small child kiting and decided to take a camera and make a video to raise funds for Davi to buy his first equipment.

The video ended up going viral and several brands contacted Davi to send gear so he could train.Davi followed his training and is kiting super well, catching everyone’s attention.Now in 2019 at 10 years of age, he is supported by Duotone who is sending all the equipment for the young athlete to train and become one of the Brazilian super kitesurf athletes.

Welcome to the team Davi!

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