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Unboxing & Testing the New North Click Bar

On September 19, 2016   |   By

Since Jeremie Tronet started kitesurfing over 16 years ago, he has been interested in all of the innovation brought forth to the sport by both kiters and brands to make it more accessible and user friendly. Our sport has come a long way; great new products are released every year but the basics of using a kite, a bar or a boardhaven’t changed much in the past 10 years until now. Jeremiewas extremely excited when North Kiteboarding introduced their new game changer “Click Bar” which totally reevaluateshow the rider de-powers his/her kite by making it super easy and intuitive.This video goes through what to expect to find when you receive your new Click Bar as well as a few of its main features that Jeremie explains when he takes it out for a first test on the water.This new bar design also allows for a lot of improvements beyond simply de-powering and powering the kite in a more efficient way; North’s new Click Bar’s got acleaner design and a safer flag outrelease system together with great features like auto front line untwist.

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