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Umbrella Foiling

On May 8, 2019   |   By

When Dmitry Evseev saw a wing foil at his local beach, he immediately had the idea to use an ordinary umbrella for such purposes. Sounds crazy, right? But he figured why not give it a try. The only difficulty was how to start on the water, but he found the solution.

He asked his friend, who was riding with 7m kite. Dmitry hooked a short wakeboard rope to his harness, held closed umbrella along with the handle of the rope in my hands, laid on the board and yelled to his friend: Go!

As soon as he gained the speed necessary for getting up on his hydrofoil, he jumped on the board.

When he got enough speed and height, Dmitry let go of the handle and opened the umbrella.
And there we have it, a real, live foiling Mary Poppins. Thanks to Seva Shulgin for the photos and Alex Kosmos for the video.

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