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Tkb Product Review: NP Spice Women’s Springsuit

On August 16, 2016   |   By


NP Says:

The Spice ladies Race/SUP series is designed for warmth and maximum freedom of movement while paddling or racing. High quality materials such as Apex Plus neoprene and odor-beating Bamboo Charcoal are strategically used to provide wind chill protection and seams are placed in high stress areas for added support.

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TKB Says:

Summer in Hood River is hot! Well it is until you get into water. While some people can handle the Columbias temperate waters and ride bareback, others opt for a full suit. NPs 3/2 Spice Womens Springsuit sits somewhere in between, and was theperfect choice for kiting the slightly chillier part of the Gorge where the glacial waters from Mt. Hood flow down and dump directly into Hood River’s Slider Park.


Made with NPs Apex Plus neoprene, the suits silky smooth material provided unlimited freedom of movement. This suit is designed specifically for SUP, so it’s got thestretch and flexibility that paddlers need under their arms, but alsoworks great for kiters looking for a suit that provides unrestricted movement for the wacky positions we commonly find ourselves in while practicingfreestyle maneuvers.

After a long day of kiting or multiples sessionsin the park, you’re suit can start to get a bit stinky… it’s the nature of neoprene. However,NP’s Spice suit is armed with Bamboo Charcoal fibers that are woven into the fabric in order to provide anti-odor and antibacterial properties, which keeps your suit feeling and smelling fresh, even whenkiting on a river withas much industrial runoff as the Columbia. The Spiceis made of Dura Flex — a double-linedneoprene that’s got a water-repellant nylon outer fabric, which doesn’t absorb water as quickly and keeps you dryer for longer, as well as a stretchier inner liningthat’s soft to the touch and super comfortable. Falling on sliders is no fun, so it was nice to have the double-lined neoprene toprovidedadded protection and a little more security.

What stood out the most about this suit was the length of it’s legs. The market is saturated withpoorly functioning booty short springsuits your butt hangs out and you end up beingmore focused on pulling your wedgie than landing your trick. The shorts on this suit have a bit of added length in order toprovide confidence, comfort and keep your attention on your actions and not on your appearance. Note: It would also work great for anyone wanting to avoid rubbing/chaffing while wearing a seat harness.

NP also did a nice job with their unique, asymmetrical cut andstrategically placed seams for a flattering fit and added support. The back zip provided an easy entry while the front 1/4 front zip added a stylish touch as well as extra ventilation for when it gets to hot in the park or back at the beach.




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