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Tkb LW Review: 2016 F-ONE Next LW

On July 21, 2016   |   By


F-ONE Next
Sizes Available: 148, 150cm
Sizes Tested: 150x48cm

F-One Says:

The Next LW board delivers unmatched performance in light wind with very comfortable and forgiving performance. Both the rocker and outline are optimized for early planing and great upwind performance with incredible control and stability. The Next LW is the choice for light wind freestyle.

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Tkb Says:

This is the LW version of F-Ones popular Next twin tip with an all new pad/strap system and fresh graphics for 2016. The Next LW is a biaxial glass and wood construction deck with F-Ones unique reverse profile surf rail and rounded template. The Next LW comes in two sizes; we tested the larger. It takes the upside of a skim board and combines these traits with an easy-to-use kiteboard that works well in the lightest of conditions. The rocker helps this board get on an easy plane and while its a little on the skatey side, its nothing a little extra focus on heelside pressure wont tame upwind, yet this is also what makes this board so fun. The Next LW handled the chop fairly well with forgiving rails and sufficient volume to lessen the importance of power control from the kite. We couldnt help but think that this would be a great school/first purchase, but something youd keep for down the road light wind fun.


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