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The Harness REdefined

On November 17, 2016   |   By

The kiteboarding harness has been REdefined. Using the first of it’s kind hard armor shell, Ride Engine has created an all new category in performance, function, and comfort. REdefined Simplicity, REdefined Mobility, REdefined Connection, REdefined Ergonomics, REdefined Comfort and REdefined Support.

For 2017, they’ve improved their injection molding process for increased strength and visual appeal and have added an additional layer of padding to the integrated waist belt for a more comfortable connection with the spreader bar pad. For freestyle and unhooked riding, pair the Hex Core harness with their standard fixed-hook spreader bar. For surfing and general hooked-in freeriding, pair it with our metal or carbon slider bar. Weve also added two new sizes an XS and XXL to accommodate a broader range of body type.

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