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TKB Review: 2014 XENON LaLuz

On February 20, 2014   |   By


Sizes Available: 129, 132, 135, 138cm
Sizes Tested: 135 x 41cm

Xenon Says:

Laluz has been Xenons flagship board combining outstanding freestyle performance and exceptional comfort of kiting. The new bottom concept of Laluz features blend of single concave thru the center of the board with double V outflow tip/tail channels. All that combined with the new hull shape and proven outline gives spectacular upwind abilities, great grip and top speed resulting in explosive pop. Landing capabilities are also affected by the new bottom now they are softer and easier than ever. Thinner sidewall gives an extra bite and control over the board.

Our new, totally unique and innovative hull shape features steps free construction – thanks to that there are no weak spots in this board. CNN machined rail channels ensure the right amount and distribution of flex. The heart of this board is a combination of Paulownia wood 90% and high density Irex foam 10% wrapped in hybrid triax/carbon laminate. The whole new construction allowed us to reduce thickness and weight of the board. Its 15% lighter than our already very light 2013 model!

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Our Testers Say:

Nice all-arounder with good pop, turns well even though the outline feels straight, Davey Beard.

Planed up early and easy, jumps well for a square board, Marko Bartscherer.

Comfortable pad setup with straps that covered all sides of my foot well, Dray Murray.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The 2014 Xenon LaLuz features a Paulownia wood and foam core with carbon layup and single to double concave bottom in the tail, wide squarish outline, 2 holes for adjusting stance width and a fair amount of adjustment for duck. Testers felt this board would excel in less choppy conditions than under which we tested, but praised the LaLuzs medium to light weight and its ability to build good pop for big jumps, and track upwind well. Overall testers felt the LaLuzs thin rails handled the choppy conditions much better than expected for a wide and square outline and recommended this board as a fun freestyle board ideal for less choppy and lighter conditions.


The Xenon pads and straps that came with our boards were the 2013 model which we found quick to install with an easy to use single Velcro sizing adjustment strap. Testers found the pad and strap combo comfortable, with an overall plush feeling. The 2014 pads as seen on Xenons website feature a new heel wedge and toe grip which will compliment the current non-skid pattern for extra traction when jumping.