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TKB Review: 2014 RRD Bliss

On February 22, 2014   |   By


RRD Bliss V2
Sizes Available: 133, 134, 135, 137, 139cm
Sizes Tested: 134x40cm

RRD Says:

The Bliss V2 twintip kiteboards are again a step ahead on our Freeride/Freestyle program. Once you are out kiting and trying to define what this board does, you realize that the only word that comes into your mind is BLISS. Precise, truly soulful, comfortable and yet able to surprise you every time you want to push a little harder and find the limit of the board. Leading edge technology meets up with a fully new design and shape. A special low water impact tip design completely stops any possibility of water spray in your eyes while riding while the relatively flatter scoopline of the mid and 34 section of the board creates a quick acceleration and upwind capacity. Its now easier to stay upwind and find any chop to boost some air previously unimaginable on freeride/freestyle boards. The Bliss hits the sweet spot at the top end and lies exactly in between relaxed and crying out loud. An experience of its own.

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Our Testers Say:

Awesome shape, medium stiffness, handles chop well and pops great, Eric McAuliffe.

Great board fun pop, good upwind and turns well, Jeff Senne.

Straps work great, handles well in choppy non-ideal conditions, Frank Russo.

Meet the 2014 TKB Test Team.

TKB Says:

The 2014 RRD Bliss is manufactured in Italy and features a wood core, straight outline underfoot with curved tips, concave bottom, and 2 holes for adjusting stance width and one setting for duck. Testers commented on the boards light weight and praised its ease of use in choppy conditions. Compared to the Style Biax, the Bliss has stiffer flex and tracks up wind easier. Overall, the Bliss was user friendly with good pop and testers recommended this board as a fun freeride twintip for riders of all levels.


The straps and pads that came with the Bliss feature a very simple install that doesnt require the use of a screwdriver. The pads feature medium density EVA waffle pattern for solid grip and dual Velcro straps for zonal adjustment. Overall testers liked the simple well designed pad and strap setup, although one tester wished there were more padding along the sides of the strap.