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Summer 2019 // Vol. 16, No. 2

On June 24, 2019   |   By

Tkbs Summer 2019 issue drops into your mailbox loaded with 120 pages of stellar stories, profiles, interviews and imagery to keep you stoked both pre and post kite session.

On the cover: As a mechanic for the Portuguese Air Force, professional kitesurfer Paulino Pereira has to pick and choose his strike missions. After the firing heats of the GKA Cabo Verde event, Paulino scored one of the best swells of the winter detonating over world-class Ponta Preta. // Photo Ricardo Pinto

In this issue we delve into the controversy surrounding the coming of the wing, get Craig Cunningham’s story on the transition of athlete to industry insider, catch up with GKA head judge Mallory de la Villemarque to get the scoop on the freestyle tour’s latest format changes and follow Matt Elsasser to Portugal where after three trips, he finally lines up wind and waves. Ralf Grsel, the man behind the 4-line program at Duotone, steps up to the mic and reveals a seemingly infinite well of innovation across multiple wind-related industries before we jump into an RV with Ewan Jaspan and company to explore the raw conditions and endless coastline of Tasmania.

Profiles include mistress of the megaloop, Angely Bouillot and solar energy extraordinaire, Wes Watts. Eric Rienstra teaches us a thing or two about the wall ride, Daniella Moroz breaks down the Olympic dream and Kirk Robinson pens a sendoff to the next stage of La Ventana’s Captain Kirk’s.

Fasten your quick release and dig in! Tkb’s 2019 summer issue, Vol. 16, No. 2 is available now in coffee table print or through the convenience of your digital device.


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With the leading kite manufacturers jumping head first into hand-held inflatable wings, some kiters see the new equipment as a substantial step backwards, while others see it opening all kinds of new doors.

From the humble kiteboarding beaches of the Great Lakes to Duotone International athlete and now Duotones Team Manager, Craig Cunninghams roadmap for success has been driven by passion, hard work and the ethos of living in the moment.

Mallory de la Villemarque discusses the latest format changes to the GKA Freestyle World Championships. With faster, spectator-friendly action and the controversial discipline blending with big air, Mallory lays out a positive forecast for the future of a broader version of freestyle.

Cabrinhas Matt Elsasser reluctantly abandons his rep duties on the West Coast to revisit Portugal for the third and hopefully final time. Forgetting the underwhelming conditions of trips past, this time Matt scores the Portugal of his dreams.

Credited for the design of world-renowned kite models, Ralf Grsel is a little known yet key player responsible for the well-oiled Duotone machine. The man behind the 4-line program at Duotone steps up to the mic and reveals a seemingly infinite well of innovation across multiple wind-related industries.

Naishs Ewan Jaspan travels to the former penal colony of Tasmania to explore its raw conditions and endless coastline. With their RV loaded with every tool in the Naish arsenal, Ewan and company discover an endless foil paradise and the insane freestyle potential of Van Diemens Land.

If you’re already a subscriber your mag is mailing this week, but to get a jump start, make sure you are logged in to your Tkb account, then click here to read Tkb’s summer 2019 digital issue, Vol. 16, No. 2

Tkb’s summer 2019 issue, Vol. 16, No. 2 is landing in mailboxes now. Get 7 issues yearly: 4x print, 3x digital supplemental. Subscribe today.

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