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Not The RPM – The New RPM

On December 6, 2018   |   By thekiteboarder.com

For years, the RPM was fine-tuned to load, pop and go slack in the air before re-engaging. We had the tuning down to a science, and it helped give multiple freestyle world champions their gold medals. Slingshot’s mission with the 2019 RPM was to change that – not to eliminate anything – but to shift the kites tuning to where we see the sport shifting. At the level the RPM is designed for that means bigger, better, loftier in-air performance. From slack to soar, the 2019 RPM is the worlds go-to kite for versatile freeride performance. In other words this is #NOTtheRPM it’s #theNEWRPM.

NEW Flyline Bridle
A combination of the pulleyed bridle featured on previous RPM models and the bungee IRS bridle Slingshot engineered a few years ago. They introduced pulleys on the RPM to give the kite more structural stability and dynamic steering. Then they replaced the pulleys with our IRS bungee system to achieve a more direct feel and smoother power delivery as the kite flies through the window. The FLYLINE bridle combines both pulley and bungee in a new configuration that results in a faster, higher-flying, more powerful RPM than ever before.

NEW Modified Open C Profile
Slingshot decreased the open-C arc of the RPM in favor of a fuller and deeper C. This is a significant change to the kite, on the beach it will look about the same, but in the air, anyone who knows the RPM will see and feel the difference right away. This difference in shape has a big impact on performance – most notably in overall power, structural stability, hangtime, and control in the air.

NEW Load Shift
The new configuration of the FlyLine bridle and the location of the pulley and bungee segments give the 2019 RPM a dynamic steering behavior unlike any other kite they’ve made. In what is best described as Load Shift the FlyLine bridle transfers power and load actively from wingtip-to-wingtip as it flies. Where other kites would warp or twist under load, buckle at the wingtips, flutter or stall out in the air, the new RPM shifts and distributes load actively throughout the canopy, resulting in smoother, cleaner, more powerful performance.

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