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NZ’s Standout Women

On November 24, 2015   |   By

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Women Stand Out at the
2015 NZ Kiteboarding Nationals

Written by: Catarina Gutierrez
Photos by: Isaac Spedding

This is your 15-minute warning! exclaimed the event organizer. She was almost as delighted as the rest of the crowd. Most had been waiting 3 days for the wind to pick up and travelled from all over New Zealand. The 2015 NZ Kiteboarding Nationals was located in at Foxton Beach, Horowhenua Estuary, New Zealand, one of New Zealands top kiteboard locations.

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Before the announcement, most competitors (125 registered in total) were busy catching up and enjoying the event that Glen Butcher Butch and his team put on. They were buzzed to be in one place again and eager for the competition to start. In betweenbustling beachside activity and competitors switching in and out of heats, Marc Jacobspulled out all of the tricks and won the Open Mens Competition for the 8th year in a row. In the future, Jacobs has his eyes set on winning 10 in a row. He put on a show for the entire crowd of spectators who werelined up on the beach to watch one of New Zealands greatest riders.

Marc Jacobs goes 8 for 8

Marc Jacobs goes 8 for 8

The Open Womens Competition shined right alongside the mens with three British women showing off their stuff in the gusty, apocalyptic conditions. The crowd were on their feet to watch the women take stage. Hollers and cheers from the spectators seemed to edge the women on as the winds grew stronger and the jumps got bigger, each woman holding her own. Trick for trick, the race was close until the very end. Sukie Robertson won the title in the end. Danielle Durrant won second and Polly Crathorne placed third, each grinning ear to ear to be competing alongside close mates and showing what women can do for the sport ofkiteboarding.

Polly Crathorne raleys here way to 2nd

Polly Crathorne raleys here way to 3rd

View the gallery below:

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