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Lord of the Wind – Day Three

On January 18, 2015   |   By

Day Three atthe Lord of the Wind Showdown 2015 event in Los Barriles, Baja started with light wind on Saturday, but by 1 pm the windkicked in and course racing began with the Men’s Elite class. Bryan Lake,Julien Kerneur, AdamWithington and the rest of the competitors pushed their limits during each racing heat.


The Men’s Elite Quarterfinals Freestyle competition camenext and did not disappoint. The beach crowd sawplenty of old school moves and technical tricks being thrown. Naish’sDrewChristianson, Airush’sJulien Kerneur,Cabrinha’sEvanNetschas well as fellow team riderDylan Murphyadvanced into the finals.


Julien Kerneur wowing the crowd

Men’s Open/ Masters followed the Elite class and competitors in these eventsalso put on a fabulous performance with spectators cheering things on aseach heat progressed. Fritz Otiker, Cosmonm “Guacamole” Noonan, Nemo Taylor & Jaime Ancira advanced tothe finals.

Nemo Taylor

Nemo Taylor

The Women’s Freestyle started with no less ferocity as the men’s prior heats. With the crowd cheering them on and three heats of action on the water, the ladies put on a show. When itwas all said and done, six were left standing going into the finals; Kris Kinn, Fiona Wild, Cynbad Brown, Justi Vonada, Mary Lacroix-Samson & Laura Mayer.


The 2015 LOTW Showdown event will officially be wrapping up this weekend. Event details and race results will be posted soon here at

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