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Keahi’s Take on Cabinha’s 2019 Surf Range

On November 7, 2018   |   By

The new 2019 Surf Collection is out, reason enough to ask multipleKitesurfWorld ChampionKeahi de Aboitiz to reviewthe boards in the range.

TheX:Breedand Cutlass entered the surfboard range this year, what are your thoughts on each and how will you use them?

I think the X:Breed is a great new addition for someone looking for a small wave/strapless freestyle board. The parallel rails allow youto ride a much smaller board than normal while still having great upwind ability and control. I think this one will be a go-toforme over the summer as its the best way to have fun in small mushy conditions and strapless freestyle!TheX:Breedfoil also allows you to mount the newHi:Risecollection to it.

With a flatter rocker, the Cutlass is an extremely fun board that carries a lot of speed and has greatupwindability. Being relatively short, its still a fun option for strapless freestyle and really excels doing some big carves with speed in clean waves.

You have been riding foils on all sorts of boards for a few years now, how are you getting on withHi:Risecollection and what do they enable you to do with a kite?

Foiling has become a huge part of my water time lately and has been gaining traction for good reason. Although the first time is a little difficult, once you figure it out, it’s such a unique feeling thats pretty hard to beat. Its awesome to see a couple different foil options fromCabrinhawith the Hi:Rise Liftfreeridefoil and the Hi:Rise Speed foil. My favorite would be the Lift as it isthe perfect tool for getting out and exploring. Being a little lower aspect, it’s nice andmaneuverablefor cruising around and carving turns and still has amazing upwind ability to get you wherever you want to go!

What set up are youusing throughout the year in competition and in different conditions?

Once again Im back on the Drifters as its hard to find a better setup for the waves and they still work great for strapless freestyle with the recent changes. It’s just a solid kite that lets me focus on riding the wave without having to worry about it. Board wise, the X:breed is my go-to for the strapless freestyle events and the S:Quad in bigger, more powerful waves.

What are your plans and goalsfor the rest of the year?

My main goal is to take out the 2018 GKA world title. After a couple years with injuries and missed events, I wanted to put in a full year on tour and seeif I can bring it home. Im also doinga few strike missions and chase somemystowaves. Its always fun exploring new spots!

Now you’ve got Keahi’s take, want more info on Cabrinha’s entire 2019 lineup? Read their segment from our 2019 Buyer’s Guide here:

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