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Nick Jacobsen North

Imagine having Nick Jacobsen as your team manager!

On December 4, 2018   |   By

Daredevil Dane has stepped up to become team manager at North Technology Group.




After a couple of months of speculation, Nick Jacobsens next sponsor move has now been confirmed. Nick will be joining North, buthe wont be representing the brand solely as a rider. He’ll instead become team manager and will be responsible for scouting out new riders to join the North ranks ready for when the brand launches their first products in 2019.

Nick will also work closely with Chief Kite Designer Pat Goodman on the development of Norths upcoming product range which is due for release in Autumn of next year.

Speaking of his new move, Nick said:

Coming toNorth wasaboutworking withpeoplewhoIrespectand whoaremyfriends, allof us aligned andsharingthesame visionfor wherewewanttogo. Thismotivates meand I see this asagreat opportunity moving forward. Itsgoing to beawesome finding talented young riders andseeing how farwecantake them


To find out more about developments at North head to

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