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IFKO Formalizes Based on IKO Standards

On April 19, 2016   |   By

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IFKO & IKO recentlysigned an agreement on March 15th where IFKO formalizes International Kitesports Training and Certification Standards (IKTCS) based on IKO Standards.Thus, anyone involved in kitesports and certified within the IKTCS gain international and legal recognition. National organizations and their members associated to the IFKO may benefit this recognition over implementation of an equivalency program. These unique and uniformed standards will allow instructors to be trained in one country and teach in another country lawfully.

IKO continues to provide technical support and services to its IKO Affiliated Centers which are in charge of organizing Instructor Training Course among other professional courses. IFKO welcomes and works in synergy with national organisations in order to reach the same level of quality.

A new and amazing era has begun for kitesports training. We are pleased that our 12,000 IKO instructors coming from over 120 different nationalities can fully benefit of this agreement made with IFKO. Together with the IFKO, we offer a unique program that allows us to enhance and harmonize training and official certification locally and internationally at the same time said Frdric Bn, President of IKO.

We are uniting the kite community and offering a valuable support to national organizations becoming IFKO associated members thanks to this agreement with the IKO said Diogo Paes, President of IFKO.

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