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How Small is Too Small?

On September 20, 2018   |   By

“Weve been part of the foil revolution for several years now, leading todays market by introducing the extruded aluminum mast and CNC fuselages. We’ve tried so many different ideas for kiteboarding hydrofoil and prone surfing hydrofoil in the last several years. A couple of months ago I sawBrandon Scheidpulling out of his board bag the smallest foilboard I had ever seen (designed byPeter Mehrohof). I got my hands on the following prototype and spent some time riding this tiny board, figuring out how small kiteboarding hydrofoil could really be? It took a session or 2 to get in-tuned with the board, then it started to feel amazing under my feet.”

“Although I feel 3 is way to small for average kiteboarders, it gave us tons of ideas for future lightweight product development.”

— Julien Fillion

This article first appeared on Julien’s blog here:

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