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FALL 2017 // Vol. 14, No. 3

On September 1, 2017   |   By

We’ve just released Fall 2017, Vol. 14, No. 3 of The Kiteboarder Magazine. Get a head start on the digital issue before the print copy lands in subscriber mailboxes. Tales of travel, photo essays, interviews, and profiles of the best people and places in kitesurfing; it’s a level of depth you wont find anywhere else in the kite media landscape. Available in coffee table print or through the convenience of your digital device. Subscribe here.

An interview with Fletcher Chouinard, the underground Patagonia surfboard shaper whose been flirting with kites before kitesurfing was a thing. Straight out of his board forge in Ventura, Fletcher is finally coming out with two hand-built kite surf models for the masses.

Traveling through the land of the rising sun, North Kiteboardings Gabi Steindl searches out storm fronts and wedging beach breaks amidst the infinite cherry blossoms in the season of sakura.

At a time when some have become disillusioned with the established competitive institutions in our sport, the underdog of competitive park style riding rallies a homegrown tour pushing rails and kickers to the next competitive level.

The secret of Punta San Carlos is out, but Bajas best point break is alive, well and as rugged as ever. What are we to think of our surf mythology when the exploiter becomes a surf spots unlikely savior?

Floridas Brandon Bowe pens a photo essay on a midsummer trip to a sleepy fishing village on Ecuadors only coast. Amidst a landscape of relentless onshore thermals and endless beach breaks, Santa Marianita is a punters paradise.

Encountering the perversity of the universe and its resistance to the best laid plans, professional kitesurfer Jesse Richman joins a philanthropic mission off of Australias Great Barrier Reef and embarks on an unexpected gauntlet of perseverance.

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