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Eleveight Eleveight 2020 Eleveight kites

Eleveight 2020

On July 11, 2019   |   By

New products unleashed

Here’s what’s new from Eleveight!



Although lesser-known in comparison to some of the bigger kite companies, Eleveight are now into their third generation of products and their gear is top notch. Their kites can contend with some of the better-known offerings from some of the best-established brands out there, and theyve got some new gear dropping right now.

Learn more about the new releases below




Eleveight RSV3



The RSeries is the all-rounder to tackle any spot and perform in all conditions and its Eleveights most versatile kite for freeriding, wave riding and even freestyle.

Its got a wide wind range, and a quiver of two RS kites will get you out in a broad range of conditions and the medium to high aspect ratio and large angle-of-attack is efficient when it come to developing power. Its got solid boosting ability, but its also dynamic with plenty of momentum through the turn and it delivers accessible performance, is ultra stable and also comfortable to ride even in gusty wind or choppy water.

For the third generation RS, Eleveight have implemented a five-point bridle setup for tighter turning and increased angle-of-attack as well as more sweep to the tips and new bridle deflectors.

The trailing edge has also been reinforced with load diffusers and battens, and the leading edge and struts are now made from XT high tenacity cloth.


Eleveight FSv3



Eleveights performance freestyle kite – this is the FSeries. Throw loops, stomp technical tricks and go big!

This kite has been specially designed for advanced freestyle and big air, with an Open-C design that delivers C-Kite performance attributes like direct control / feel and line slack alongside manageable power-delivery and reliable depower.

The low to medium swept wing tips provide additional power which, in combination with the high aspect ratio and ultra-responsive turning, make it well-groomed to go big and its the kind of kite thatll take you as far as you are willing to push.

All that freestyle performance aside though, its still a comfortable ride and it goes upwind well and eats up the gusts, with the same high-end build quality as all of Eleveights kites featuring the X4 Ripstop canopy made by Techno Force andTeijins latest XT leading- and trailing edge material.

The third generation FSeries also has an increased angle-of-attack, thinner struts and an innovative five-point bridle setup that increases stability while keeping the canopy super solid.

Eleveight WSv3



The WSeries is a dedicated wave weapon, designed to help you reach new heights on those perfect, offshore days but also to squeeze more out of the messier onshore conditions. Its dynamic, smooth flying features and efficient power development also make it a firm choice for foilers.

The WS was what Nuno Figuerido rode when he set a World Record for kiting the biggest wave ever ridden (at Nazare) so you know its dependable, but its also been reworked this year for further increased performance. Its got those classic wave kite attributes – light bar pressure, direct pivotal turning characteristics, and very gentle power generation – so you can whip it around without being ripped from your board and its very controllable, which means you can commit wholeheartedly to hammering cutbacks and steaming into bottom turns.

As youd expect, its also got plenty of drift for down-the-line sessions, and its low-end means you can always take it out for a freeride or foil session on flat days too.

The new WS is equipped with the same five-point bridle set-up as well as a redefined flattened arc that improves the low-end power, while a tight turn radius helps you rapidly work the kite to develop power. It also now features stronger seams and the latest leading edge material from Teijin, so you know tll take a pounding in the waves.

Eleveight OS



Totally new for 2020, the OS is a foiling and freeride kite built for unfettered fun in lighter conditions and Eleveight spent three years developing it. Its feather-light design is low on weight but high on durability as well as ultra responsive, and the Open-C shape is agile and fast with direct control.

It rapidly reacts to your steering input, but the power delivery is smooth and wont catch you out while the medium aspect ratio and swept wing tips make for excellent light wind performance, allowing for sessions in sub 10 knots when paired up with a foil.

Also, because you may find yourself relaunching the OS in marginal conditions, Eleveight have gone to great lengths to eliminate back-stalling, while the swept tips help the kite quickly move into relaunch position.

The canopy is made from the same X4 Techno Force ripstop cloth as the rest of Eleveights kites and the leading edge and strut material are Teijn too.




Eleveight CommanderEleveight Master CarbonEleveight Master V2Eleveight Process



The Commander is Eleveights flagship freestyle board thats been perfected to pop out of the water and hammer home the most technical freestyle tricks.

It combines an A-grade Paulownia wood core with a layer of Triax Carbon Composite for devastating pop and the flex pattern has been tuned for responsiveness, but also to provide comfort in chop and through hard landings.

Thick block rails and G10 fins mean you can rail hard for maximum release, and the tri-channel design means you can also ride this without fins if you so wish.



A proven freestyle / freeride hybrid for riding hard, boosting big and stomping tricks.

The DNA of the original Master has been largely untouched, but this board now has an improved flex pattern thanks to the Carbon fusion technology its built with (like the Process) and its got plenty of pop that can easily be accessed by almost any level of rider.

Altogether, its a multi-purpose machine that cushions heavy landings, grips hard and comfortably holds the edge even in super strong winds.

The Master is also available in full-carbonconstruction.



The Process is Eleveights performance freeride board, packed with innovative tech to make it a dependable ride in all conditions from light wind to hard chop and strong gusts.

Eleveights chief board designer, Franz Schitzhofer, tailored the Process to be that one board for all conditions and for riders who want to ride for hours, but also go big and do more technical unhooked moves.

Its based on a Paulownia wood core thats blended with 50 mm carbon reinforcements, strengthened by a special Carbon fusion process. This makes for a well-balanced, impact-absorbent flex pattern.

Smooth 3D channels on the tops combined with box rails offer incredible grip and control without drag, and the board is easy to handle but also very dynamic and responsive. The rocker line is harmonised for early planing in lighter winds and easy upwind performance while helping the board grip hard for releasing the edge and popping off the water.

It comes with super solid inserts, the top sheet is ultra durable and UV resistant, and it comes with 45 mm G10 fins too.




Eleveight Escape PTEleveight EscapeEleveight Curl PTEleveight Curl



The Escape Pro is a strapless freestyle stick with extensive surf credentials, equally at home nailing tricks as it is slashing small to medium waves.

Designed and built in Portugal and tested in everything from flat water to some of the worlds most challenging breaks, each board is handmade by skilled shapers using Eleveights Carbon Flex Technology (CFT) construction which delivers the flex and feel of a surfboard but with durability and light construction.

A premium medium density PU-core and a carbon stringer combine with an Innegra / carbon vector grip and channels at the nose work with the thruster fin setup for extreme grip during hacked turns and fast landings. The short rails minimise drag while optimising the swing weight, making the Escape easy to do rotations on, and this board is going to be potentially devastating in the hands of an experienced wave aficionado / strapless freestyler.

The Escape is also available in the entry-level CVC construction.



The all-new Curl is designed to help you take your wave riding to the next level in anything from onshore wind swell to barreling reef breaks. Geared up for a true surf-influenced riding style, its built using a state-of-the-art composite vacuum sandwich construction (CVC) that is lightweight but also extra durable with a sturdy bamboo top deck and a full carbon bottom.

This build quality makes it especially well suited for traveling, because it should be able to withstand some abuse in the hold of a plane!

The shape is similar to the Curl Pro, with a single concave on the bottom, thin rails, a medium rocker line, and squash tail. That helps it remain dynamic and agile and, thanks also to the thruster fin setup, its easy to handle in all situations with perfect control whatever the waves throw at you.

The Curl is also available in the same Pro construction as the Escape.


Check Eleveight’s full range at

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