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Core Release the GTS6 – Serious Kite Loops Just Got Serious Again!

On July 9, 2020   |   By

This just in from Fehmarn, Germany! CORE have released the much-anticipated GTS6 with all-new strut construction. The way a GTS makes its way around a loop is standout and just so engaging. Kite loops fans, take note…

Among other highlights, COREs most successful freestyle competition kite now features redesigned ExoTex Light struts that are noticeably lighter and still robust as ever. The struts new shape, material, and diameter provide added canopy stability and a little more punch in the turns.

2019 was another fantastic year for the GTS. Following up on Josh Emanuels win in 2017, another CORE rider squeaked through the first round and looped his 8m GTS5 to gold in Red Bulls Megaloop Challenge. Although CORE doesnt expect its GTS customers to be signing up for next years Megaloop competition, they could with the new GTS6 and a little bit of practice.

Its a real challenge to improve something as good as the GTS, comments chief kite designer, Frank Ilfrich. But improving kite construction is something were good at.


GTS6 – FEEL THE RUSH from CORE Kiteboarding on Vimeo.


With input from top team riders, COREs designers have squeezed a little more control and power into the loops. Everything you love about the GTS5 is still in the 6er. The three strut, Future-C canopy, still forms the nucleus of the GTS. The design team beefed up the leading edge. And they made significant improvements to the struts. The new larger diameter ExoTex Light struts resist bending, saves weight, and lends a sportier, punchier feel in the loops.

The line-up – click the images below to enlarge

Core Kites GTS6 blackCore Kites GTS6 whiteCore Kites GTS6 LW blackCore Kites GTS6 LW white

Is the GTS6 right for you?

Do you enjoy a proper yank from a legit looping machine? Are you experimenting with megaloop board-offs? Do your surfboard aerials rival your twintip tricks? If you answered yes to these, then rush to your nearest authorized CORE reseller and test the GTS6. You’ll find this versatile freestyle kite will surprise you with its wave pedigree.

Core kites GTS6 mega loop

Mega for kite loops / Photo: Thomas Burblies

GTS6 LW. The best session insurance money can buy.

The 6th generation features new ExoTex Light leading edge, struts, and dacron re-enforcements to massively reduce frame weight and increase strut stability. The kite also gets improved paneling, and CIT Modes now use no-snag loops.

The GTS6 performs at its best with COREs ultralight Sensor bar systems. They feature precise kite control, unmatched safety, and uncluttered simplicity. The titanium reinforced, carbon fiber bar delivers superior between-the-fingers’ single-handed comfort. And the all-new Sensor 3 features Stealth Winders, Live Wire, and other innovative features that bring next-level performance to your GTS6.

In stores now. The GTS6 is available from 5m to 13.5m in size, while the GTS6 LW edition is available as a 15m or 17m. All sizes are ready for purchase at authorized CORE resellers.

SIZES: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5, 15 LW & 17 LW

Pricing from: EUR 1,229.00 MSRP



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