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Buoy Wear floating hat hats

Buoy Wear launch world’s first water trucker hat

On November 16, 2017   |   By

Introducing the world’s firsteverFLOATING HAT


Constructed out of 100% of waterproof parts, the Buoy Wear trucker hat is your go-to hat for protection from the sun when you’re outon the water.



Buoy Wear are on a mission to invent exceptional looking floating hats that can be worn all day, everyday, on and off the water. Their hats combine sun/water defeating functionality with surf-to-turf style so you can wear them on and off the water.



Buoy Wear hats help provide much needed protection from harmful sun rays, always float, and are backed by company promise that with proper care, they’ll maintain their stylish shape even when assaulted by water. The patent pending technology and features behind these hats include construction with materials that are waterproof, lightweight, antimicrobial, anti-rust, and quick dry.



All features have been designed specifically with the water sports enthusiast in mind. Made with love, and available infive different color combinations suitable for both men and women, you can wear them when you’re out kiting or in the barafterwards and they’ll look the part.




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