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2015 Triple-S Feed

On June 1, 2015   |   By

Update: Monday, June 1, 2015

Riders geared up for forecasted wind in the late afternoon. However, a lack of wind continued to push back the start of the first heats until 4pm.


Competitors rode up to the features in the REAL Slider Park and warmed up in light conditions, but were unable to generate enough speed to attack the features with the usualTriple-S caliber of riding.


The judges made multiple attempts to start the first heat, but withering winds forced themto postpone the contest until tomorrow.


TRIPLE-S-DAY2-VIDEO-UPDATE-STAMPIt was not for a lack of trying but for a lack of wind that the athletes were unableto compete.Tomorrow’s conditions look promising and riders may have an 11:00am start if mother nature cooperates. For a video update with Eric Rienstra featuring footage of light wind riding and tow ins on Day 2 click here.











Update: Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day three of the Triple-S Invitational saw light breezes with good surf on the ocean side of Real Watersports. With the contest on hold, many of the contestants headed over to the Atlantic side to score some fairly clean chest to head high surf, while the slick remained glassy until late in the day.


At the opening riders meeting, Trip Foreman announced the addition of a Masters Division, which will consist of original riders who were fundamental in the formation of the REAL slider park and have been at every Triple-S since its inauguration. Theses riders willalso be eligible to walk away with cash money from the main event.


A forecasted southwest wind is expected to appear within the next 24-48 hours.Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: Saturday, May 30, 2015

Day two started with the opening rounds of the Triple-S Open. Eighteen riders went for broke in scorching windless conditions. Competitors were forced to use jet ski’s tow-ins for theirs heats and dealt with sticky sliders. Consequently, Real employees spent their days watering down the features. We caught up with Rich Sabo for a quick preview of the setup here.


As the heats progressed towards the finals, many riders were going all out with lots of technical tricks and plenty of crashes. In the end, only one male and female rider would advance in to the main event.


Women’s winner Katie Potter

After the welcome dinner held at the Waterman’s Bar and Grill, athletes were on hand for the annual autograph session.Trip Foreman, Triple-S Co-founder, kicked off the the opening ceremonies with all the athletes on stage and announced the two finalists who would advance to the main event.


South Florida’s Brendon Bowe took first on the men’s side and Naish’sKatie Potter from Austrialia took the women’s win.


Triple-S Open winners: Brandon Bowe and Katie Potter

After the winners were announced, the party continued late into the night with music from Redbull DJ Chela.


Redbull DJ Chela getting the party started


Update: Friday, May 29, 2015

Triple-S 2015 Slider 1

The Triple-S Open is on and the heat order has been listed.

1. Katie Potter
2. Helena Brochocha
3. Spencer Hurteau
4. Lucas Arsenault
5. Ben Joplin
6. Jason Blanchard
7. Blaine Baker
8. Niklas Reymann
9. Noe Font

1. Laura Maher
2. Susan Grossman
3. Antoine Verville
4. Justin Chait
5. Gregory Houle
6. Liam Proctor
7. Pierre Jean Vogel
8. Aymeric (Mike) Martin
9. Brandon Bowe

Round 1: Heat 1 and Heat 2
Round 2: 8 men total, 2 women (Women’s Final)
Round 3: 4 men from Round 2


Update: Thursday, May 28, 2015

Triple-S 2015 Real Watersports

The 2015 Venyu Triple-S Invitational is underway!

With light winds in the morning, athletes got in a surf session before they gathered back at Real Watersports for the Triple-S Open practice. With the wind still holding off, riders received jet ski tow-ins in the slider park.

Triple-S Open competitor, Greg Houle from theUpper Peninsula of Michigan told us, “At home I ride alone but what’s awesome about the Triple-S is thatyour just having fun and riding with a lot of people.”

Triple- S Sliders 2015

Tomorrow, athletes will battle it out on the sliders with the top finishing male and female competitor in the Triple-S Open advancing directly into the Venyu Triple-S Invitational.


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