Thread: Looking for kiteboard instructor in Maui

Looking for kiteboard instructor in Maui

Postby madmax7 » Thu Jun 20 2013 11:36am

Headed to Maui in 10 days

Was there in May and hired an instructor and was dissatisfied with format.
Format was let's go kite for 3 hrs and I ll Watch you and 1 hr into session ill give you tips! What a waste, basically I paid instructor to kite! Also 3 hrs straight is too long. By hour 2 of "working" it, I was exhausted!

What I want in Maui in an instructor. 1. Know what you are doing, referred. 2.
1 hr sessions. 90 minutes most! 3. Every 10 minutes or so of working, take a breather in water and give instruction. Come out as needed, maybe once to discuss strategy

Need work on: jumps, lift, hang time, landings, back rolls. Also, jibes, turns, (I'm not goofy so need work on that). Intro to waves!

Will be the 10 days so several lessons needed!

If you guys know anyone, please give me contact info!

Thanks, Max
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Postby karenkites » Thu Jan 02 2014 08:32pm

Hi Max,
Just saw your post, it's way past when you were here, but thought I would touch base with you any way, so at our school, you can do 1,2,3,4,5,6, however many hours you want, you will get an instructor that will first talk to you and find out what you are working on, then watch you kite and then give you feedback, then go out in the water with you to demonstrate, if needed. Maybe you will be back to Maui again, please look us up, or 808 242 8015
Maui Ocean Sports Magazine
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