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Be carefull out there! Scammers (scumbags) who try to take advantage of us.

A coulple of days ago, I spotted a scammer, Morry Milton. He posted an Efoil Lift for sale at $3000. Well, this kind of Foil retail for $12000. And he took pictures from the official site selling them. Furthermore, this idiot, posted different items for sale, using the same name, but from different cities in the US. How stupid can you be!

So I contacted him with very few questions (ex: do you still have it?, etc.). He sent me a long, official looking business answer, with personal contacts, payment procedures, etc.

Then, I asked him if he took PayPal for payment, and before I send him the money(yeah right!), I needed him to send me a picture of the board with a book beside it, as proof he actually has the board. Well, he never answered me back.

He also had 4 or 5 scam adds. After my "book" request, he took off all his adds from Ikitesurf.

Some scammers will say they accept PayPal, but if you send the money using "friends & family" only. DON'T. With this type of payment, PayPal does not cover you for refund. ONLY USE THE BUSINESS TYPE OF PAYMENT.

I know this scumbag will try again to scam us, using different strategies, but there are steps (mentionned above) you can take to protect yourself.

Finally, everyday, I spot some "fishy" adds on Kitesurf, but I cannot confront all of these low life, parasite of society; there are too many. So be carefull out there!

Product Details
Seller: Malc300361
Category: Kites
Brand: Lift / MHL
Year: 2020
Size: 2 M
Condition: Like New
Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Posted: 2 weeks ago
Details Viewed: 110
Status: Current
Ad Number: 47415