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9m HQ4 Matrixx that's seen very little use. I've owned two of these kites - the 1st one was before HQ underwent the name change to HQ4. I bought this one to have the updated color scheme, but honestly hasn't seen a lot of use.

The 9m stands out in the Matrixx lineup; it is powerful for its size, super sporty and just a ton of fun to fly. In terms of fun-factor, the 9m was probably my favorite size in the Matrixx lineup - especially once the winds picked up a bit. Its got great float, and combined with its quick turning speed can get you some pretty incredible boosts that bring you gently back down. Any winds in the high teens or above will yield some pretty wicked jumps and hangtime. It also rails upwind. Because of its lightweight materials, it will also launch and hang out in sub 8kt winds as well. I've found the 9m Matrixx to be an incredibly versatile kite that will keep you grinning in a wide variety of conditions. Pair this with a 15m Matrixx, and you will have about 80% of your normal wind speeds covered on land, water and snow.

Product Details
Seller: Nate76
Category: Kites
Brand: HQ
Model: HQ4 Matrixx
Year: 2018
Size: 9 M
Condition: Very Good
Location: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Posted: 1 month ago
Details Viewed: 75
Status: Current
Ad Number: 42972