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Used Shinn model K foil. Comes with 90cm mast, mounting plate, ST2 stabilizer, fuselage, wing covers, foil bag.

Shinn says:
Speed range, stability, great pitch control and amazing carving. It reads like a shopping list for your next foil but the new model K really does do it all. Inspired by the need for a foil to fill the gap between the impossibly easy to learn on P foil and high speed Model F, the model K represents our vision for the perfect x-over, multi purpose foil. Riding your P with ease but not looking to make life hard for yourself by moving onto a high speed, high technique dependant free race foil? The model K was developed with “2nd season” foilers in mind and was designed to ensure your progress remains as fast and painless as your first season on the Model P was. Impressive low speed starting and a high angle of attack stall resistance means you don’t need the footwork of a ballerina to master the tricky footswitches required for flying tacks and gybes and yet lock it down and pour on the power and the model K accelerates and tracks assuredly with a feeling far more often associated with high performance race or free-race foils. Strapless action, light wind cruising, transition mastery – massive functioning speed range and easy pitch control mean the model K fulfils the needs of even the most advanced foilers looking for something other than just flat out speed.

Product Details
Seller: Coyoteface
Category: Foils (No Board)
Brand: Shinn
Model: Foil model K
Year: 2018
Size: 90 CM
Condition: Very Good
Location: north myrtle beach, SC, USA
Posted: 1 week ago
Details Viewed: 84
Status: Current
Ad Number: 42016