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NEW Best - 08 Bar for C-Kite without lines- Still in bag- No Lines
Had to pick like new as they don't have a New to select but this is NEW.
Feel free to call, text or email me. Ask for Cindy 727-458-3502
Use to sell Best Kiteboarding gear but cleaning out the closet.
Info: but remember No lines so you can buy this or buy the one I have listed with lines included for $75.00.
The bar comes equipped with 700lb rated, color coded lines. Supplied as a 20m set with 5m extensions this gives you the option of rigging short for maximum handling responsiveness and kite speed across the window, or rigging long for maximum lift and hangtime for old school tricks. A short throw centre line means your bar is always close to hand; you can keep your stance tight with your weight behind your board edge to gain massive pop for high powered wakestyle moves. Handle-passing couldn’t be easier or more comfortable with our reduced diameter profiled grip and newly-introduced EVA bar end bumpers. A large diameter chickenloop (without a donkey dick) makes hooking and unhooking easier than ever before. A high visibility QR handle is designed to be easy to use in an emergency, while being compact enough and shielded from above by a stopper ball to ensure it is never fired off by accident. Accidental QR activation when hooking back in or riding blind is a thing of the past. Dual rear line OSR handles provide you with multiple landing options between heats. The large handled pull-pull trim strap is topped off by a high load rated front line swivel. To allow for quick front line length changes to compensate for changes in wind conditions that exceed the normal depower range, the Pro-team added a second set of front line knots above the trim strap. The new 08 C-Kite Bar is designed to be as durable and practical as possible. It is the perfect compliment for our Yarga dedicated C-kite

Product Details
Seller: Avitar
Category: Bars
Brand: Best
Model: New C-Bar for CKite without lines
Year: 2008
Size: 45 CM
Condition: Like New
Location: St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Posted: 2 months ago
Details Viewed: 125
Status: Current
Ad Number: 39998