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2018 Ocean Rodeo prodigy, 12m magenta,= $649 usd
2018 Ocean Rodeo prodigy 9.5 orange= $599 usd
2017 Ocean Rodeo Prodigy 7m orange = $499 usd
All kites new in fall 2018 and in "A" condition used 1 to 10 sessions,
Shipping to usa is about $50

North Jamie 136, nasty bottom gouge repair. $199 bo

Product Details
Seller: Kirkeho
Category: Kites
Brand: Ocean Rodeo
Model: Prodigy 12,9.5,7m
Year: 2018
Size: 9.5 M
Condition: Like New
Location: Lethbridge, AB, Canada
Posted: 2 months ago
Details Viewed: 169
Status: Current
Ad Number: 39990