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Best 45 cm Redline Bar -Like new with lines ( I think they are 25m lines). $130.00 I have added pictures on here but if you need more or a copy of the digital manual, I have it.
New lines alone cost much more than this, it is a good bar and good lines. Feel free to call or text as well. Ask for Cindy 727-458-3502
2011 Reline Performance Bar, made by Best Kiteboarding is a great choice for any 2011 Best kites such as the 2011 Best Taboo, Nemesis HP, Team C, and Kahoona V3. Simple enough for anyone to understand, yet with enough versatility to satisfy even the most demanding riders, it's guaranteed to set the standard for years to come.

The Red-Line Performance bar uses our new molded, push to release QR with integrated swivel. With only one moving part and no complex internal mechanical parts the 'Click-it QR' is easy to reassemble and designed to work consistently with a positive release action even under several hundred kilograms of load.

With an integral swivel sitting on top of the chicken loop assembly untwisting your lines and swapping between hooked-in and unhooked riding just got a whole lot easier. This is the perfect bar for riders of all levels who demand the most reliable and predictable safety system but still need all the features our previous bars have had to offer.

A dual-depower center line with integral molded stopper allows you to trim the bar position, taking the strain so you can concentrate on your next move. The Redline safety system passes directly through the center of the stopper ball, providing a safety override regardless of how you use the stopper.

A dual front line safety set-up ensures that your kite depowers safely and lands ready to be relaunched as quickly as possible. Riders who require to completely kill their kite can opt to use the rear line OSR handles instead of the chicken loop mounted Redline safety. Advanced riders can choose to use the suicide leash connection by clipping their safety over the chicken loop line.

Flying lines are 700lb rated, color coded for easy set-up and proven to offer incredibly low stretch and amazing durability; the rear flying lines can be trimmed to allow compensation for your preferred bar position or when using the bar with kites from previous product years. An above the bar pull-pull trim strap provides easy depower trimming in flight.

One bar for all kites, the Standard has been set.

Product Details
Seller: Avitar
Category: Bars
Brand: Best
Model: Redline Bar
Year: 2011
Size: 45 CM
Condition: Like New
Location: St. Petersburg, FL, USA
Posted: 2 months ago
Details Viewed: 147
Status: Current
Ad Number: 39986