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Slingshot FSURF 76cm Foil Used.This is our Demo Slingshot FSURF with Infinity 76cm front wing.

The 2019 Slingshot Hover Glide FSurf is Slingshot's go to foil kit for surfing. Featuring the Infinity 76cm wing paired with a 42cm rear wing, the FSurf has a ton of lift. Hosting 1534 cm2 of surface area, the FSurf gets on foil at just 8 knots yet remains in its speed range all the way up to 22 knots. This extensive range allows you to catch waves with ease and then blaze down the line in perfect control. These wings are incredibly stable due to their wide wingspan but retain their turning performance so you can carve G-force turns with confidence. Equipped with a flight school compatible 24" mast and the ultra-versatile switch fuselage that provides 2 different mast placement options to alter the performance characteristics of your foil, the FSurf has been designed to make the most of small to medium sized waves. The wings are robustly built and now with a lighter weight construction. The Flat-loc connection of the wings to the fuselage ensures a strong, secure and safe attachment. Meanwhile, the pedestal, mast, and fuselage are constructed of high-quality aluminum for longevity and lightweight. If you're ready to start foil surfing, this is a great foil with excellent performance that you won't outgrow.

Product Details
Seller: Force.kite
Category: Foils (No Board)
Brand: Slingshot
Model: Fsurf 76cm
Year: 2019
Size: N/A
Condition: Very Good
Location: Mount Pleasant, SC, USA
Posted: 6 months ago
Details Viewed: 210
Status: Current
Ad Number: 39223