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Alex Aguera 160 All Around Foilboard, Solid carbon foil set with 2 sets of wings, All Around wing Set and Race Wing Set. Shipping will be around $75 to the US. Free local pick up in Dallas or Corpus Christi

The race wings are brand new never used. The All Around wings are used and have a few dings that's been filled with epoxy and sanded. There's also epoxy on one side of the leading edge to fill in some wear on the leading edge. The wings still have plenty of life in them. The mast and fuselage are in excellent condition. The board has some harness hook wear that I put some epoxy on so the wear would be on the epoxy and not the board. There was one ding from my harness hook that I just sanded down and put some epoxy on to make sure it was waterproof. Also there are 2 small cracks in the outer skin on the bottom at the front of the fin box that the tuttle would catch on when removing the mast. I sanded those down and put epoxy on them and sanded them smooth. There's been no trouble at all with any of the minor repairs.

I have video of board and all the foil parts I can email upon request as well as additional pictures.

I'm selling because I have 2 of these complete foil sets and boards.

These are solid carbon foils. They slide on and are held in place by a set screw rather then bolted on so you'll never lose your wings hitting reefs or any underwater hazard as the setup is super strong.

You can get more information on the board and foils on Alex's Website https://alexaguera.com/product/160-aguera-design-board/

Product Details
Seller: Gonesailing
Category: Foilboards (Complete)
Brand: Alex Aguera
Model: All Around 160, Solid Carbon Foil with 2 Sets of Wings
Year: 2016
Size: 160 CM
Condition: Good
Location: Corpus Christi or Dallas, TX, USA
Posted: 4 days ago
Details Viewed: 208
Status: Current